National Microelectronics Institute


NMI launches social network

The National Microelectronics Institute (NMI), a trade association representing the semiconductor industry, has created the NMInet social network to foster working relationships and best practice across the global electronics industry.


The network,, uses a combination of blogs, forums, event listings and visual content to highlight current thinking and promote debate within the semiconductor community.


The NMInet platform is formatted to be the semiconductor industry¹s Facebook. All members can blog, create contacts, generate discussion forums and join groups, enabling engineers to gain advice and share tips. A jobs page for jobseekers and employers has also been created.


The network pools news feeds from more than a dozen globally renowned titles, an additional news page breaks these out by title, enabling its members to get a global perspective more easily.


To enable the site to be easily followed NMInet is also on Twitter (@nminet). A Facebook page is under development and will be launched later this year.

NMInet Screen Shot