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Raspberry Pi Giveaway


In a bid to inspire tomorrow’s engineers, we’re giving away Raspberry Pi kits to employees of member organisations in the UK...


As professionals within the electronic systems industry we often take for granted the wide-spread use of our products in a diverse range of applications from education and entertainment to transport, energy, healthcare and way beyond.

Software is an increasingly vital element for the Electronic Systems and Microelectronics Community– yet there are growing concerns about the lack of young people with an interest in this subject and the impact this will have on our future industry.

As the UK trade association for Electronic Systems we share the interests of the Raspberry Pi Foundation in promoting the study of Computer Science and Electronics so we are giving away Raspberry Pi kits for employees of our members to help inspire the next generation of engineers.  


Description & Criteria

With your help we can make a noble and important contribution to addressing industry concerns and we’d like you to make a proposal to us as to how you will use a free Raspberry Pi ( to stimulate, excite and interest young people in computer science, software and electronics in your area.

There is no limitation on where this takes place - so long as your proposal involves young people, software and electronics, your activity can happen at home, school, science/technology clubs, scouts/guides/youth groups etc.

Prior experience with the board and/or working with young people is NOT required – we are looking for interesting and creative suggestions.

It’s a simple process - send us your proposal detailing how you intend to make use of the Raspberry Pi Kit (power supply, keyboard etc. will be included with the boards). We’ll accept any reasonable format – email / Word / PDF document or even a YouTube Video! Simply email Robin Kennedy - all proposals will be acknowledged. Multiple submissions from individuals or groups of individuals are OK.

For guidance: Applications can be as short as a paragraph or upto 4 sides of A4 text – appropriate supporting graphics / diagrams can be included.

Other Stuff

There are a limited number of kits available for this particular giveaway and successful applicants will be decided based on merit. However, we hope this scheme is popular with members and we intend to open more giveaways in the future.

All recipients are encouraged to report back to NMI on their progress – via the most appropriate format; short write-up, blog, video – we’d like to feature your efforts too as appropriate.

So Come and Get Some Pi!

Please direct any enquiries to :-

Robin Kennedy, Network Programme Manager

Tel: 0789 48 99 544


Update - 31st January 2013

We took delivery of the kits last week - many thanks to support from Farnell Element 14 (suppliers of the board and peripherals) and sponsorship from Cyntech Components (suppliers of the excellent cases).

We have now cleared the backlog having sent/allocated over 30 kits to a wide range of deserving causes. There are just 15 kits remaining - priority goes to those from NMI member companies. Get your submissions in soon!


Update - August 2013

All the kits have now been allocated - many thanks to all those who got in contact. In due course we plan to publish some details of the many and varied uses the kits have been put to here.

Look out for updates on Twitter - hashtag #NMIRPI 


Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation