National Microelectronics Institute

Living with Variability: 12th & 13th May 2009. Savoy Place, London

Living with Variability

NMI 2nd International Conference on CMOS Variability: ICCV 2009

At ICCV 2007 we raised expert and corporate awareness of this increasingly important issue with an internationally acclaimed speaker list. Two years on we ask:

How prepared is your organisation to understand the impact of variability and manage the impact at 45nm and below?

This is Europe's only dedicated conference on CMOS Variability which explores the far reaching implications for the semiconductor industry. ICCV2009 is organised by NMI in collaboration with the nanoCMOS Consortium lead by the world leading expert in CMOS variability; Professor Asen Asenov.

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"Living with Variability": Are You Ready?

Targeted at system, chip and device designers, technology developers, EDA suppliers and wafer foundries, this is a truly unique opportunity to gain crucial insights.

Sessions from the world's leading experts will explore the issues, discuss the options, approaches and share techniques to meet the challenges head-on.

  • Designing for Variability: How does design approach have to change when the underlying technology becomes unreliable and how do EDA tools adapt?
  • What impact does variability have on foundry service?
  • How will the industry characterise and model variability?

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