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Contact Name: Chris Brown
Phone: 01252 844561


Teradyne is the world's largest supplier of semiconductor test equipment for logic, RF, analog, power, mixed-signal, and memory technologies. We deliver test solutions to developers and manufacturers of a broad range of integrated circuits, packaged separately or integrated as cells in system-on-a-chip (SOC) devices.

ICs tested by Teradyne are used in computing,communications, consumer, automotive, identification, and internet applications.




Complete Turnkey Test Solutions

New device, Platform Conversion, Throughput Improvement

Utility SW tools Development

EDA/STIL/Vector Conversions

Device interface board (PIB, HIB, Probe Card) design & manufacturing

DUT-to-tester signal delivery hardware (Pogo Tower)

Mechanical infrastructure (stiffeners, pogo tower loader, cables)




Test equipment and test Program Development Services to the semiconductor industr