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Contact Name: Franck Torres-Miguel
Phone: +33 6 82092549


SPTS Technologies designs, manufactures, sells, and supports etch, PVD, CVD and thermal capital equipment and process technologies for the global semiconductor and micro-device industries, with focus on the MEMS, advanced packaging, LED, high speed RF device and power management markets. The solutions offered by SPTS include market-leading silicon etch, dielectric etch, dry-release etch, PVD, PECVD, APCVD and large batch vertical furnaces, available with a range of wafer-handling options applicable to R&D, pilot production, or volume production environments.

Major Products:

Silicon DRIE systems
Compound Semiconductor and Oxide etching systems
Silicon oxide sacrificial layer etching systems
Plasma Enhanced CVD systems
Physical Vapour Deposition systems
Thermal batch processing systems (LPCVD/APCVD)